It’s ok , it’s ok . 

I don’t know what you referring to.

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Haven s05e03 SpotlightSource: (x)


Haven s05e03 Spotlight
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"If you’re a Nathan and Audrey fan, this is going to be the season for you."

Gabrielle Stanton and Matt McGuinness about S5 [x]

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@thelucasbryant & @emilyrosela announced as this weeks #hottieoftheweek on @enews! CONGRATS TO YOU TWO LOVELY PEOPLE!

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What do I have to do to prove to you Audrey’s gone?


see  no  evil

↳ S1-S5 promo pics

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Audrey Parker’s Tropes

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Moment in time: Sept. 10, 1993 - The X-Files premieres on prime-time TV
The show that launched a thousand conspiracy theories began with a scene of a terrified teenager running through the woods. As conceived by relative TV neophyte, Chris Carter (his previous job was editor of Surfing Magazine), The X-Files lent instant - if loosely constructed - validity to the possible existence of aliens, vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters and creepy phenomena previously confined to pulp magazines. Filmed in Vancouver, the opener introduced Gillian Anderson as FBI agent and skeptic Dana Scully and David Duchovny as her partner, Fox Mulder, whose unwavering belief in the paranormal was captured in his nickname: ”Spooky.” Over nine seasons, The X-Files collected three Emmys. Perhaps more important, the show slyly imparted a message that still holds with today’s viewers: Trust no one. — Andrew Ryan
Notes - 9 seasons with 202 episodes
- Music: Mark Snow
- first 5 seasons were filmed in Vancouver Canada
- the last four were filmed in Los Angeles
- length: only 44 minutes per episode = 8888 minutes or 148.13 hours total.
- Original Run: September 10, 1993 – May 19, 2002
- first episode was written by Chris Carter and had 12 million USA viewers

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1x01 - Dark Descent 

Stella Gibson + her black coat [1/?]


I'm going to give you a trouble 
that makes your heart explode
inside of your chest.

Haven S5 Super Teaser
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The X Files Season Three GifFest                 
The X Files -
3x17 - 'Pusher'

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M u l d e r   &   S c u l l y
first and last appearance on screen together.

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you’re not just my partner either 

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Tune in this Thursday for the season premiere

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